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An ancient story


In ancient India a wise man created a game as a diversion for the very wealthy ruler. The game was played on a board of sixty-four squares.


The game pieces represented the ruler and his beautiful wife--one only of each of them, of course. There were also priests and warriors, war machines and foot soldiers.


And there was an opposing enemy of equal strength.


The game could only be won by superior strategy following inviolable laws decreed by their gods.


We know the game today as chess.


Now, of all the valuable business principles that can be derived from this game, by far the most valuable does not have to do with the game itself. The most valuable business principle does not come from the playing and strategies one might learn from playing the game, as powerful as these might be.


The most valuable business principle is what the wise man asked as his reward when the ruler asked him what he might give for this delightful pastime.

The Greatest Lesson


"A single grain of rice on the first square of this playing board," replied the game's creator. "And two grains for the second square. Four grains in the third. Continue in doubling the grains of rice for each square for all sixty-four squares."


The Rajah looked at him in astonishment.


"Not so, my friend," insisted the Rajah. "Here are ten strong slaves each with a large water jar. Go into my treasure room and fill the large containers with all you want from my treasure store--gold, jewels, carved ivory and jade--whatever you want."


Do you think the greatest lesson was a lesson in humility? As great a lesson as that might be, that is not it. For you see, the Rajah unknowingly chose the lesser price.


Had he accepted the requested reward, he would have forfeited his entire kingdom.


All the rice that has ever been grown from the beginning of the discovery of agriculture up until their present time would not be enough to pay the debt.

Application to Modern Business


Now I'm not going to do the math to verify that statement about rice production. You have my permission to do so. And I'll provide the download of a free copy of the Koran in English [great for checking out terrorist stories] to the first person giving me a verifiable calculation proving the statement correct or false.


The point of the story is to dramatize the power of exponential growth. I recently heard it done another way.


A speaker trying to get MLM marketers psyched up made this claim. If you will just add one new client per month, and will teach your client to do the same, you will be making over $1.7 million per year by the end of one year.


Think about the power of that statement. Even though I had often used the power of exponential growth to illustrate business principles in several ways, I was floored when he simply spelled it out.


First month, January--1; total--1.
Second month, February--2; total--1+2=3.
Third month, March--4; total–3+4=7.
April--8; total–7+8=15.
May--16; total–15+16=31.
June--32; total–32+31=63.
Half a year gone and we haven't even broke 100 yet.
July--64; 64+63=127.
August--128; total–128+127=255.
September--256; 256+255=511.
October--512; total–512+511=1023.
November--1024; total–1024+1023=2047.
December--2048; total–2048+2047= 4095


The minimum income per member per month is $35.00. By the end of the year you are making $143,325 per month. That's how you get an annual income of $1,719,900.

More than MLM


It's always fun to show what can be done through multi-level marketing. Most folks going into it never achieve the results because they are not patient enough to work the plan.


But I'm not talking about MLM here. I'm showing how you can have that same explosive growth in your own business. Achieving viral growth in marketing works in direct sales off line as well as with online businesses.


There are tools designed for online business that work off line. The opposite is not always true. Take copywriting, for example. Off line communications often crowd as much into the given space as possible, leaving little white space. It also is more likely to be in more formal English.


Online copywriting, on the other hand, has fewer space constraints. Paragraphs can be shorter.


Much shorter.




Even one word paragraphs as illustrated above.


Nor are there letter length restraints. I read a 57 page letter one time that sold software. At a thousand bucks a crack.


You’ll notice the incomplete sentence above. The informal English. That’s another difference.


Yes, you do still need to follow basic rules of grammar–things like subject/verb agreement and proper spelling and word usage. But the online copywriter has much more latitude. More flexibility.

Tools of the Trade


I use a system that makes use of online advantages. It’s called Larry’s Viral Marketing System. One of the features I like about the system is the way so many tasks are automated. It provides new software each and every month to accomplish new tasks.


I don’t want to try to spell out all the benefits of his system. A better job is accomplished at Don't forget the valuable software program jgiven ust for looking at the site, whether you think you can use the system or not.


No, I can’t explore all the many features and benefits of Larry’s Viral Marketing System. All I can do is say what it did for me.


I had dabbled online for several years, picking up pocket change, but never doing anything serious. Then, along came Larry’s system. I can build web pages [I’m building this one, am I not?] and send out email. I can even set up autoresponders and use them effectively. But I’m not a techie. I use software. I don’t create it.


Then, when Larry’s system came along, everything jumped into high gear. Without the automation Larry’s system provides, I’d never be able to respond to all the new contacts I’m getting.


Well, I’m not going to spend any more time on this. If you want to see a really outstanding Viral Marketing system, go to


Otherwise, reread some of the information I’ve provided on this page. There’s lots of valuable information here. Bookmark the site and come back. You’ll get new material and goodies here on a regular basis.

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