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When is Free not Free?


Are you like me?

A sucker for any Free gift.

Do you need it?

-:- No -:-

Do you want it?

-:- Yes -:-

Do you get it?

-:- Yes -:- --
......especially if it's FREE.

A Little secret

You know how they mine diamonds?

They go through a lot of rubble
until they find a real gem.


You're going to check out this
100%give-a-way opportunity.

There areover 600 free gifts
listed. Not 400. Not 500. 600+.

You may have to do some digging
to find real jewels.

A Pearl of Great Price

When you sign up for WebTools
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you will receive
a real gem.

You know the problem trying to
keep up with the other

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Product Pushing?

Will you ever be offered sale

Not often

Only if I have used them.

Only if I feel they work

Only if I think the price
is right.

Only if I have reviewed
it completely.
~~~Telling you drawbacks as well
as benefits.
~~~Explaining applications.
~~~Offering help if you run
into a snag.

Only if I am willing
to give you a full refund . . . . . .
. . . without a quibble
. . . without a question
. . . without any delay.

But hear this and hear it well.
If I run across an overpriced
piece of junk, that's what
I'll call it.

I'll never, never, never,
offer it for sale,
no matter how generous the
commission is.

I've been offered too many of
those junk pieces. Why would
I foist that kind of trash
for mere money?

I wouldn't.

But, make any kind of sales


With an offer this dynamic
I simply must ask you to qualify
as a subscriber.

Now I can't personally investigate
the hundreds of folks who will
snatch this opportunity blindly,
realizing the outstanding value
of this kind of free opportunity.

Therefore, I must request your
honest self-qualification.

1. If you choose to download
a product, will you open it and
use it?

2. Will you use the product
wisely, ethically, legally, and
not engage in SPAM while applying
the product?

3. Will you report to me any
problems or drawbacks you have
not mentioned in the description
of the product?

4. Will you seriously consider
providing me with a testimonial
regarding your use of the product?

If you can answer yes to all
these questions, then fill
out the subscription form below.

If you cannot answer yes
to all the questions,
please accept my thanks
for reading this message,
but please do not subscribe.

That is especially true
if you have any doubts about
the first qualification above

An Invitation

With that understanding, I offer
you my newly launched magazine--
Webtools Tool Box. Just
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AIM for Success.


Larry Winebrenner

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