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Dr. Winebrenner insisted on displaying Isaac Winebrenner's photograph. He asked that this statement be included with it.

"The earliest ancestor photo I could find was my great-great-grandfather Isaac Winebrenner. He is significant in who I am. His grandson, my grandfather, hated him with a passion. Since my grandfather was named for his two grandfathers, Isaac Winebrenner and Lawrence Logsdon, it is possible that I would have been named Isaac. My grandfather took care of that eventuality. He dropped Isaac from his name. He kept Lawrence which has continued to the third and fourth generations. My grandson is Lawrence IV.

Thus, we see that even the smallest detail in our ancestors' lives can have far reaching consequences.

For a thousand generations those who went before us have been forming who we are
~~by migrating to new places,
~~finding new ways to live
~~and do
~~and believe.

We could not be who we are had not those ancestors so lived."
  Defining Through Achievements  
Anyone who claims credit for where they land in life are only half right. Without those aforementioned factors, no person would arrive at their present situation–good or unfavorable.
But the element of
→ personal choice,
→ determination to reach goals, and
→ willingness to consider the advice of others,
also enter into the result.
Therefore, it is not mere pride or egotism that motivates Dr. Winebrenner to accept his own role in the following achievements:

• Meeting the qualifications for First Class Petty Officer in four years in the U. S. Navy.

• Receiving the China Service, Korean Service, and Good Conduct Medals during the Korean conflict.

• Achieving
✍ BA [University of Miami in FL],
✍ BD and MDiv [Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary],
✍ MEd and EdD [Florida Atlantic University] and
✍ Completing Post-doctoral work at Jagellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

• Serving churches in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and Wisconsin, preaching over 5,000 sermons.

• Becoming Faculty Senate Vice President at Miami-Dade College.

• Being selected as Faculty Liaison to the President of Miami-Dade College Medical Center Campus.

• Contributing the Teaching Unit for Discussion to the FAU Teaching/Learning Series for High School and Community College Teachers.

• Author of the international PLAID Series textbook on Poverty.

• Co-Author of Social Science, a general education textbook.

• Teaching at Miami-Dade College for 33 years to almost 40,000 students.

• Becoming Junior [first year] Sares Leader of the Midwest Area for Phoenix Mutual Insurance Company for 1963.

• Contributing articles to
the Christian Advocate,
Numismatic News,
Games Magazine.
How to Preach the Miracles,
Good Cents,
Directions for Business,
Cookin’ Good Gazette,
and several weekly newspapers and online magazines.

• Editing and publishing
Genealogical News Weekly,
Florida Association of Community College Social Science Journal.

• Serving as editor of the Genealogical Society of Greater Miami’s Heritage Magazine.

• Acting as developer and owner of Mytec Industries Manufacturing Company.

• Being creator and owner of Cyberfree, Inc.

• Serving as co-founder and president of the not for profit Association for Independent Managers, and Director of their Certified Business Manager program.

• Becoming agency owner for AdCalls, Inc.

• Purchasing an online bookstore of Bookwise.

• Acting as software distributer for Vitalize, and Softshop. Software products.

• Serving as business rep for Accelerated Success System--Audio sales training, Newbies School, SiteSell, Butterfly Marketing, Xybercode, and many others.

• Owning Hosting4Marketing hosting service.

• Creating numerous web sites.

• Being presenter at several Social Science conventions.

• Serving as lecturer on genealogy, classroom discipline, using discussion in teaching, computer applications in business, salesmanship, personal development, local history, fun and games, general story-telling, how to make a speech, Is Good Neighborliness Good Business?, camping, and many other topics.

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